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Books for Children

Introductory Groundwater Books

Books about Managing Our Groundwater Resource


We suggest reading the following book first for those unfamiliar with the topic.

Groundwater Resources Development: Effects and Sustainability

Books about Aquifers

Books about Specific Groundwater Settings

Groundwater Geology Books

 Groundwater Geochemistry Books

Groundwater Biology Books

Books about Groundwater Contamination

Suggested reading order of the first few books for those new to the topic:

Groundwater and Society

Groundwater Modeling Books

Groundwater Investigation Techniques

Analysis Techniques for Groundwater Problems

Books About the History of Groundwater

Preserved Books

Some of the books in this category have been given to the Groundwater Project for preservation and to spread free knowledge throughout the world. Others contain valuable information and are available elsewhere on the web but are difficult to find, so they are included here to provide Groundwater Project readers with access to these hidden gems of knowledge.

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